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Composite Overlay


SMARTPET is a polyester and PVC pre-laminate for composite card construction.

The benefits of oriented polyester in card construction are greater heat stability, flex life (durability), and rigidity.

Combines the benefits of polyester and PVC in one easy to handle sheet. One or two sides can be coated to adhere to raw core stocks and full bleed inks. Materials can be customer specified in a variety of gauges to suit card thickness requirements.

Composite card construction using polyester requires opposing sheet orientation to result in flat sheets.

Is sold in matched sets of top and bottom rolls that when used together guarantees flat cards.

Rolls used in this orientation will provide a PVC outside layer like a conventional card that accepts D2t2, signature panels, magnetic stripes, and holograms. The polyester is combined under this layer to provide durability benefits.

Conventional collation equipment can be used to assemble card bodies. Composite card construction is made simple with less material handling.

There are many material variations depending on the end use you determined for this product. Samples are available to aid in the test application of these constructions.

Please call and talk to our qualified customer representatives to discuss your application in the strictest confidence.

SMARTLAYER-3 provides a matched set of rolls to guarantee flat lamination. The orientation of polyester rolls (A & B) is critical to avoid bowed cards.

• A matched set of overlay is a top sheet “A” and a bottom sheet “B”
• Arrows must be in the same direction on both rolls
• Coated side is placed toward the corestock
• Always perform a single sheet test lamination before collating the entire job

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