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The specialized printing label for scratching PIN cards is produced by several technical methods, such as the integration of physical, chemistry, and material mechanics, etc.
According to customer request.

Anti-Counterfeiting Capacity

· Security-slit prevents recovery.
· Personalization information printing.
· New type of scratching printing oil.

Anti-Stolen Capacity of Pin Codes

· Preventing strong light penetrating with Label’s printing layer.
· Interference functions of the reflection of sidelight.
· Preventing peeling off label by knife with high adhesive & continuous security-slits.
· New type of durable and solid base film protects the PIN codes.


Super Anti-Counterfeiting capacity

· Adopt high holography technology.
· Complex production.
· High anti-counterfeiting.
· Personalization design of holographic pattern.

Super Anti-Stolen Capacity of Pin Codes

· High-density coating can prevent the strong light penetrating.
· Holographic rater interferes of the reflection of side light efficiently.
· Metallic holographic layer guarantees the penetrating rate of X radiation.

Double-Layers Printing Label

· Two printing labels-top label and base label.
· The base label is applied on the card, with the PIN code injected on it, and then covered by the top label.
· If uncovering the top label improperly, both the printing layer of base label and the PIN code will be unveiled together.
· The printing layer of the base label will be broken if separating the top label from the printing layer of the base label by knife.
· Safely protect the PIN code from being stolen.

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