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We have a complete range for card personalization machines.

Monochrome TTR

Black, White, Metallic ( gold and silver). Availability of such colors as Dark Blue, Light Blue, Red, Burgundy, Yellow, Green, Grey, Brown, clear overlay resin, scratch-off ribbon silver
Black ribbon for special cards like: Cardboard/paper cards, ABS cards, U.V. cured cards...

Dye Sublimation Ribbon

YMCKOK, YMCKK, YMCKO, ymcKO (Half panel), YMCK-T, K+O, YMC, Y-M-C (continuous dye color).

Tipping Foil

Excellent proprieties for tipping.
High gloss foil for black and white colors, no dust on the card after tipping.
Gold and Silver metallic for credit cards for high volume machines.
Other colors are available under demand: Blues, Yellow, Green, Red, Orange,
Burgundy, Grey, Brow, etc...

Indent Foil

Black or white indent foil, for cold infill marking

Clear Overlay / Top Coat

TTR Clear overlay resin. To use as a monochrome on a thermal (electronic printhead). Variable data, including barcodes are the application for this ribbon.
Clear Top Coat foil. For hot roll application (roll-on machine). Typical application to protect photo after print with YMC or YMCK.
Clear Top Coat HR foil. Extremely high resistance, this is our thickest clear foil. For extra protection over stamping or holograms.

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