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Heat Pads


Standard Lamination heat pads can be is used in all kinds of single stack and twin stack laminator, and the production of all types of ISO Standard bank cards, Smart cards, contactless and combi cards.


First Layer: heat resistant woolen felt.
Middle Layer: silicon (high temperature) rubber.
Third Layer: heat resistant woolen felt.


· Through adopting high temperature and compression resistant raw material, standard heat pads are suitable for the demand of the plastic card lamination process and are the professional consumables for the card production.

· Rapid and even heat transmission improves the card quality and production efficiency, savings on energy sources and the cost.
· With better cushion ability, our lamination pads could avoid any hard contact between heating plates and lamination plates, thus enhance their life span.
· Easy handling, increase the efficiency without replacing frequently.

Thickness: 4mm
Temperature: ≤ 200ºC
Cycle Time: Approx.3,000- 4,000 under normal condition.
Size: available to customer request.
Tolerance: +/-2mm in size

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