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LP Process


LP laminated is a printable PVC sheet stock laminated with holographic or metalized polyester for use in manufacturing full-face foil cards.

The stock can be custom designed to meet a variety of applications.


Gauge: (25 micron) polyester, any thicknees corestock
Sizes: Sheeted or square cut to specifications.
Top Coating: print receptivity available
Slip Agent: for high speed feeding

Suggested uses

- Financial / secure cards / chip cards
- Non secure / loyalty / high durability

Quality statement

User should be aware that this is a laminated product of dissimilar materials.
The reaction of this product is not guaranteed to perform like conventional PVC sheet stock. SMART LAYER-3 will make every effort to manufacture the sheets to specific requirements. Significant testing and qualification must be performed prior to commercialized use.

A detailed specification will be created for this product with input from the user. A Certificate of Analysis is available for SMART LAYER-3 products prior to shipment.

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